— Manart ul Harmain —

Bridging Digital Divides in Religious Experiences


To enhance the digital experience of the Two Holy Mosques, extend spiritual connection, and provide multilingual access to Islamic lessons.

The Challenge:

 SOE, a leading company in the digital transformation domain, partnered with the General Presidency for the Affairs of the Grand Mosque, the Prophet’s Mosque, and the Saudi Ministry of Communications and Information Technology to undertake the Manarat ul Harmain project. Their mission was to digitally enrich the experience of the Two Holy Mosques and connect Muslims worldwide with daily lessons, lectures, and sermons, including the highly anticipated Friday sermons. They sought to break spatial barriers, making Islamic education and guidance more accessible than ever.

Our Solution:

 In collaboration with the General Presidency for the Affairs of the Grand Mosque, the Prophet’s Mosque, and the Saudi Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, SOE's developed a comprehensive digital platform "Manarat ul Harmain project ". This platform achieved several key objectives:

  • Enhancing the Digital Experience: To improve the digital services of the Two Holy Mosques, offering pilgrims and remote viewers a seamless and enriched digital experience.
  • Bridging Spatial Barriers: The project succeeded in breaking spatial barriers, allowing Muslims worldwide to maintain a continuous spiritual connection with the Two Holy Mosques, regardless of their geographical location.
  • Multilingual Access: To ensure inclusivity, lessons, lectures, and sermons are now available in 10 international languages, in addition to Arabic. This democratized access for Muslims worldwide.
  • Islamic Education and Preaching: Made Islamic education, guidance, and preaching more accessible by providing high-quality digital platforms for broadcasting live sermons, lectures, and lessons over the internet.
  • Direct Interaction: The platform enabled direct communication with Sharia scholars and jurists, providing an opportunity for the global Muslim community to engage directly with scholars for guidance.


Manarat ul Harmain effectively bridged digital divides in religious experiences. Pilgrims and remote viewers can now engage with the Two Holy Mosques digitally and benefit from daily teachings. The platform's multilingual approach made these services accessible to a global audience, strengthening the connection of Muslims worldwide to their faith.


 The Manarat ul Harmain project, led by SOE, represents a pioneering initiative, symbolizing the convergence of faith and technology. It has made religious education and spiritual connection more inclusive and accessible, advancing the principles of unity and understanding in the global Muslim community.

In summary, SOE's project's success exemplifies how digital transformation can enhance religious experiences and provide opportunities for a global audience to engage with faith and scholarship.