- Live broadcast of the sermon of Arafa -

 Transforming Religious Broadcasts - SOE's Digital Triumph


Broadcasting the Day of Arafa sermon in multiple languages on Manarat Al Haramain platform.

The Challenge:

For the third year in a row, SOE aimed to broadcast the Day of Arafa sermon, a pivotal event for Muslims globally. The goal was to provide this crucial sermon in 20 international languages, reaching a broad, diverse audience.

Our Solution:

Leveraging the Manarat Al Haramain platform (comprising a website and applications), SOE effectively managed this monumental task. This endeavor demonstrated the extraordinary capabilities of SOE's smart infrastructure, reinforcing its expertise in the digital transformation domain.


The broadcast's success was truly remarkable. Managed by SOE, it resonated with over half a billion viewers spanning 100 countries in an incredibly short period. This exceptional reach showcased the platform's high capacity, underlining SOE's commitment to excellence.


By contributing to the Kingdom's government efforts on the Day of Arafa and Hajj in 1444 AH, SOE helped unite Muslim communities worldwide. Providing digital services with multilingual sermons fostered unity and facilitated access to the broadcast of Hajj 1445 AH.

In summary, SOE's digital transformation expertise made religious broadcasts accessible and inclusive for a global audience, amplifying the spirit of unity during these sacred events.